The NPR aims to facilitate a dialogue based around printmaking and poster design. We want to inspire poster enthusiasts to pick up their own squeegees and get their hands dirty. The NPR also provides a platform to put the artists in front of new audiences all over the country. We’ll travel anywhere we can fill a room with rad posters and a solid crowd!

We’ve filled giant fancy-pants galleries with hundreds of posters and we’ve gotten creative in small rough-around-the-edges loft galleries, too. We prioritize visiting the spots that are a little further o the map where similar shows may not typically visit. Our feeling is that rad shows don’t just have to happen in the big cities — they can happen in smaller towns or in cities off the beaten path.

Notable Shows
Some notable shows include Disney Animation, Lego HQ, Adobe Max, Boston University, The Library of Congress, and SXSW. Some of our favorite shows also include pop-ups and out-of-the-way spots where enthusiasm for posters is just as prevalent!

How to Host The NPR
Please use the form below to let us know a little about your town and your space. We'd be happy to share our media kit with additional info regarding logistics and other helpful information.