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Washington, D.C.


Library of Congress


Let's Hang
We'll be at The Library of Congress for a special one-day-only showing. Prints from The Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series will be on display in addition to original WPA posters from the 30's. We're so stoked! Please note there's a cap on attendance and the exhibit is more set up like a special exhibit / tour than it is a normal NPR show.

The special exhibit will be in The Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division reading room. We look forward to welcoming up to 25 guests and suggest arriving a bit early to allow time to get through security (airport style but shoes on) and up to our reading room.

We’ll ask everyone to divest themselves of most everything to leave in lockers we have here or stow in safe spot behind our welcome desk. Phones/cameras with flash off are welcome as are loose sheets of paper and pencils. We have the latter here ready for visitors to use.

We’ll also request that folks to stay together during the tour.

P&P is located in room LM337 of the Library of Congress Madison Building on Independence Avenue (main entrance) between 1st and 2nd streets, S.E. The Madison is very close to Capitol South metro, or a 15-minute walk or quick cab from Union Station. Once inside the building, you'll go through security (metal detector, x-ray conveyer for bags, packages, cell phones, etc.). The corners of the Madison Building are color-coded and P&P is midway between the blue and red ones. Once you are through security, you can head left to take the blue elevator up to the third floor. If you need to get your reader card to conduct research – you’ll pass Reader Registration on the way.

Reader Registration http://www.loc.gov/rr/readerregistration.html

Researchers are asked to sign in with their reader i.d. card (valid for two years) or renew or register for a new one in room LM140 on the first floor of the Madison Building.